Time is Not Taken.

I’ve got a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.

I have had natural hair for about 4 years now, since I was 18. I have always hated getting perms, because I never saw the point. Why should I have to change my hair from the way it grows to be taken seriously?

When I was younger until I was in about 8th or 9th grade I didn’t even know it was possible to not get a perm. That sounds stupid now but no one around me didn’t have perms except my mixed cousin. She was fawned to over she had light skin, green eyes, and long curly (good) hair. Without fail every time my grandma had to do my hair she would say “I wish you had good hair like your cousin.” This was something that I heard almost weekly. When I was younger like 7 or so I didn’t have get perms we just kept my hair in braids during the week and curls on Sundays for church.

When I got into 3rd grade I got my first perm it was horrible it burned and was excruciating I remember crying and getting in trouble because I didn’t let them leave it in long enough. I don’t know what getting a perm feels like to others, but for me it hurts the minute it touches my scalp. Maybe I have sensitive skin or something. My family didn’t believe me they thought I was over exaggerating but afterwards I would have sores all over my scalp that would hurt for days. My hair was what my cousin calls stubborn, so the perm didn’t really work it looked good for about a week, and then it just looked frizzy. So they went to super perms and that ment more sores and pain. I loved my hair before it was shoulder length and full and healthy but soon after starting relaxers it started breaking off around the back and sides. So I had to get it cut short to let it grow back even. This led to more perms which caused more breakage. By the time I graduated high school my scalp and hair was so damaged that it hardly grew around the back and sides.

I went to college in the mountains about 5 hours away from home and didn’t know how, or really want to put a perm in my hair. When I came back for Christmas I got my last perm. It wasn’t a conscious decision just put getting another one for about a year and by that time all of the perm had been trimmed out.

Now 4 years later and I am loving my natural hair it still doesn’t grow as well on the sides and in the back. It is getting there and I feel like I am being true to my self I may not have the prettiest hair or the longest but it is mine. Most of my family says that it is nappy and ugly and all those things that black people say when they see someone with natural hair. I don’t pay them any attention because I feel like any person who thinks that me wearing the hair that god/nature gave me is unattractive isn’t worth a thought. I use that lyric as the title because it took me forever to realize that I am perfect because my hair is curly and thick and that’s the way nature/god planned it.

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